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  • Max. Work piece Length:200mm

  • Max. Grind Thread Length:200mm

  • Max. Swing Diameter:Φ300mm

  • Lead:1~50mm

  • Range of rotating angle:±7°

  • Max. Stroke(Z axis):600mm

  • C axis Resolution:0.001°

  • X、Z axis fast feed Speed:10m/min

  • X、Z axis feed Resolution:0.001mm

  • C axis Speed(Frame):0.1~50rpm

  • X、Z axis feed Speed:0.1~9000mm/min

  • Grinding wheel size:Φ50X10mm

  • Grinding wheel line speed:20~35m/s

  • Spindle motor:4kW 40000rpm frequency control

  • The motor for dressing:2kW 2000rpm frequency control

  • The motor for Magnetic separator:flow 100L/min

  • Grind Cooling pump:flow 80L/min lift 28m

  • Grinding wheel frame stroke(X axis):200mm

  • Lubricant motor:0.02kW 2800rpm

  • X axis servo actuation:2KW

  • Z axis servo actuation:2KW

  • Machine height (H):1900 mm

  • Required floor space (WxL):2500 mm x 1600 mm

  • Machine weight:3500 Kg

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